The Joy of Paganism

Living in Bliss with Nature and our Friends

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This is a community for those who wish to celebrate the joy of paganism.
Here you will find -
pictures of people's altars, and the pagan gatherings they attend
ASK A WITCH: got a question about paganism? Ask, and the witches are free to answer
DIVINATAION TABLE: want to do a reading, or have one done? Offer here
suggestions for good pagan books, music, movies, and supplies
your suggestions for pagan crafts and recipes - pagan knitters, crossstitchers, jewelers and cooks, share your gifts!
CREATIVE WRITING and ART: post your pagan themed poetry or short stories or art, here

The feel of this community is to be like a faerie festival, or a large pagan gathering, with bonfires, classes going on, lots of friendship and the feel of magic humming in the air.

Join the celebration!

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